Thursday, June 23, 2016

Christmas in June

The hubby is returning from his trip to St. George today and I have a million things I should be doing. Yet here I sit! There is a beautiful pork roast waiting to go into the slow cooker, rolls to be made, Dish cloths to be crocheted to be gifted, decorations to be finished and music to practice for our luau next week, etc. But alas, why have a blog if you are not going to blog? 

Yesterday my mom had my sisters and I over for lunch. Dad was home, so after much persuading he agreed to join us. After we had a lovely meal he showed us his Christmas tree he has set up in the basement in his man cave. HIS CHRISTMAS TREE! It's June. This should help to explain my consumate love of Christmas. When I commented about it not being Christmas he said "it's always Christmas" My sister had to take a picture. "Christmas in June is too funny not to document" she said. I have to agree with her. 
Apparently Hobby Lobby thinks it is Christmas and Michaels thinks it is Thanksgiving! I was in both stores yesterday and saw holiday merchandise on the shelves. Again- it's JUNE! Now, did this stop me from checking out the goods? Of course not!! I am happy to report that I didn't buy anything though. I'll save that for when the temperature isn't almost 100 degrees. 
Oh grandpa. 


Anonymous said...

You sound like me! I visited JoAnn Fabrics on Friday to see what was trending for this fall! I'm super excited about making Christmas gifts this year and look forward to shopping soon.

Half Dane said...

Stephanie- they have some great Fall plaid blankets right now!