Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Painted glass ornaments

Painting your own glass ornaments could not be easier! You can buy them at just about any craft store during the Christmas season and they come in a variety of shapes. I poured some rubbing alcohol into the ornament and swished it around to completely coat all the sides. Then I dumped the alcohol into the next ornament and set the cleaned ornament upside down in a plastic cup so the alcohol could drain out and the bulb would dry more quickly.
Once the ornaments were completely dry I squirted about 1/3 to 1/2 of a bottle of acrylic paint into each ornament a shook the heck out of it to evenly coat the inside.
Again, I set the ornament upside down in the plastic cup so the paint could drain out. And I waited for it to dry. And I waited, and waited and waited. They took forever to dry! Probably a week. 
The red ones seemed to dry faster than the white. I used the same brand of acrylic paint (Americana) and wonder if I had used a cheaper, thinner paint if they would have dried quicker. 
I love how they turned out. I would not have been able to find the red or white I was looking for in any store so this was the perfect solution. 

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