Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DIY Marzipan Pig

 As I get older I become more enchanted with my Danish heritage. When we were growing up the highlight of our Christmas season was coming home from school to find numerous large boxes on the front porch, all sent from Denmark. We could hardly wait for dad to come home from work so we could open them as a family and see what treasures awaited us! Boxes were filled with Danish chocolates, marzipan, nougat, black licorice (the salty stuff that’ll grow hair on your chest) cookies, and beautifully wrapped gifts from my grandmother and her sisters as well as handmade needlepoint linens, crocheted hearts, and  fabric coronets for the tree. The handmade gifts are cherished heirlooms we will pass on to our children someday. An ocean may have separated us from our Danish family but we loved them, oh how we loved them. And we know they loved us too. 

Marzipan Pig

I found a mold on Amazon for this marzipan pig and was so impressed with it that when it broke I purchased it again. 
The best way to make a marzipan pig is to break off little balls of marzipan, roll them in powdered sugar and press them into each side of the mold. Overfilling it ensures you don't have any gaps when you pop it out. I like to wrap numerous rubber bands around the mold to make sure it stays together. I freeze it making it much easier to remove from the mold. I use a sharp paring knife to trim off any seams then I put the pig in a clear plastic bag and tie it off with some ribbon. 
I promise, these are super easy to make!!


Anonymous said...

Hello there can you leave a link to the mold you bought on Amazon? Please? Thanks! Hello from Vancouver, Canada btw. :)

Half Dane said...

U bet. I just added the info to the post. Good luck!

Jennifer Little said...

I'm looking for a mold to make a marzipan pig this year. I ordered one off of Amazon that is simply enormous. Do you know what the dimensions of the actual pig are for the one that you used?