Saturday, November 28, 2015

DIY Button Pillow Sham

Ooooh, I do love pillows! They are such a great way to add color and depth to a sofa, bed or bench. 
Button Pillow Sham

1 yard fabric for 1 pillow
4 buttons
16” pillow form

           Cut the front of the pillow 20”w x 17” L.
       Cut 2 backing pieces 17”w x 12”L.
         On the front of the pillow measure 6 ½” from the right side.
       Fold the fabric towards the wrong side and press.
          Pin the pressed edge and sew a 1 ½” seam. (This is the fold the buttons will be attached to).
        Press the folded piece towards the right side.
       Sew the buttons onto the fold.
       Fold and press ½” along one of the 17” sides of both of the backing pieces. Fold again and sew at ¼” seam allowance. (This will give you a top and a bottom backing piece).
       With right sides together pin the top backing piece onto the pillow front, matching up raw edges, and sew at ½” seam allowance.
   With right sides together pin the bottom backing piece onto the pillow front, matching up raw edges, and sew at ½” seam allowance. (The backing pieces will overlap each other).
   Serge the raw edges if you have a serger or simply zig zag them to finish.
   Turn the pillow right side out and push out the corners with a chopstick or a stuffing tool.
   Put the pillow form in the sham.

 Note: Pillow forms are not all created equal. Feather forms seem to take up more space and fill in the corners better than polyester filled forms. You may need to adjust the seam allowance when you sew the backing pieces onto the front. I like a nice, tight fit so I usually end up taking in my seams once I see how the form fits inside the sham.

I made my buttons using a 1 1/8” Cover Button kit. Instructions come with the package and are available at your local craft stores. They are really very simple to make.

These shams were made using fabrics from Robert Kaufman.

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abhinnav Aggarwal said...

I like your idea in which you created this type of pillow design. You have idea to created bed bath linen design