Saturday, November 28, 2015

DIY Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar
When we were growing up, during Christmas we received an advent calendar in the mail from Denmark. Mom and dad would let each of us kids take a turn opening a window and eating the piece of chocolate. For this advent calendar each envelope is filled with a card that has either a charitable act of kindness, or a Christmas activity to do as a family. Chocolate is good, but charity and family is so much better!

12x12 unfinished wood frame
Acrylic or chalk paint
1/3 yard of linen fabric
12x12 piece of ¼ inch cork board
2”x2” white coin envelopes- 25
Washi tape
Numbers stamp set
Spray adhesive
Hot glue

      Paint the frame with acrylic or chalk paint.  Sand lightly.
      Cut the linen fabric 14”x14”.
           Spray the piece of corkboard with the spray adhesive and cover with linen fabric.  
(Work a section at a time and smooth as you go).
     Turn the cork board over, fold up the corners of the linen, and hot glue them in place. Glue the rest of the edges in place, slightly pulling as you glue so you get nice, tight edges.
    Place the linen covered cork board in the frame.
 Stamp the numbers on the front of the envelopes, embellish them with washi tape, put the idea cards in the envelopes and pin them onto the board with push pins.

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