Saturday, November 28, 2015

10 ways you know you are more Danish than American.

Danish flag

I am a Danish American living in the United States. It's no secret that I love my heritage. My traditions. My dad was born and raised in Denmark and immigrated to the US in the 60's where he set up permanent residency. You can take the Dane out of Denmark but you can never take Denmark out of the Dane. We were raised in a home with a good balance of American traditions and Danish traditions but during Christmas time the Danish side wins hands down!! I have compiled a list of ten ways you know you are a Dane. I'm sure my Scandinavian/American friends can all relate. 

1- Christmas Eve (Juleaften) is bigger than Christmas day. Where family gathers together for an evening of food and tradition. For this night you are all Dane!

2- There is a table cloth (a real fabric one) on the dining table when guests come to dinner.

3- You are a chocolate connoisseur/snob! An Anthonberg marzipan bar is a million times better than a snickers bar.

4- Guests never leave the table hungry. There is always way too much food to go around. Pass the Kartofler!!

5- You play Husker Du. Monopoly- what's Monopoly?

6- The house is littered with Christmas decor. From ceiling to floor!

7- You eat dessert before dinner! Yes please. More rice pudding!

8-When you toast (and you always toast) you say Skal!  Not cheers, not salute, not down the hatch. Skal!

9- Christmas doesn't end on December 25th. You celebrate until the new year. What? You opened all your gifts so now it's all over? I don't think so!

10- On Christmas Eve you read "The Little Match Girl" by Hans Christian Andersen even tho it is quite possibly the MOST depressing Christmas story ever written, and you love it. Why? Because you are a Dane.

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