Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Surviving a home reno!

Living room after the carpet and baseboards were removed. 
Kitchen before the cabinets were pulled.
Kitchen after the cabinets were pulled 
New hand scraped maple wood flooring. So pretty!
Livingroom after the furniture went in.
The tv console was built using an Ana White plan. 

Oh my goodness what a summer it has been! Things have been so crazy for us that when I think back on it I wonder how we have survived it all?? It started with our trip to Hawaii, then the beginning of our remodel, my grandmother passing away, taking a mini vacation to visit the in laws in St. George, going to Alabama to meet my new grandbaby, getting a kid off to Utah Sate (Go Aggies!!) and starting the two younger ones back to school. 

Whew!! Just typing all of that made me tired. We have literally had no time to catch our breath. No one tells you when you are planning a remodel that it is going to be such a HUGE undertaking. That there will be lots of frustration, tears, bruises, disagreements, and microwave meals. That you will wonder why in the heck you opened THIS can of worms in the first place. 

Now that we are almost near the finish line and I can sit back and see everything we have accomplished I am relieved, proud, excited and ready to jump into the holidays in my newly updated home.

We moved into this house Christmas of 2002 and never thought we would be here as long as we have. The number one reason we have stayed is the children. This is home base. The older three have left the nest but know that this is home. That no matter where they go they always have a home to come back to. That's important to them, and to me!

Raising 5 kids in a house is going to leave a mark. And our boys were rough and tumbly mancubs! 
We replaced rounded corners, baseboards, door casings, front and back entry doors, flooring, cabinets, appliances, light fixtures, etc. Everything was well used, loved and very "broken in". 

It's interesting to us that everything that could go wrong with our remodel has. From water damage to the subfloor that dictated new entry doors, to special order moldings that arrived damaged, hardwood flooring that wasn't measuring equally from end to en and had to be returned, rounded corners that weren't installed correctly, door paint that would not stick to doors, a new entry door that warped days after installation, and cabinets that were not finished on time and were rescheduled 3 different times.

This is the stuff a renovator's nightmares are made of! You hire your work out because you want it as close to perfect as you can get but the experience you end up with is not exactly  what you had anticipated. This is where the frustration and tears come in. No matter how much you hire out, no matter how organized you are and no matter how stubborn and hard working you are there are going to be set backs. Sometimes lots!! 

Here are some of the things that became my best friends during the remodel:
1- My sister Cindy. She painted, she brought delicious meals and she listened to me complain! My super talented daughter Sam. She painted, pulled baseboards and door casings, caulked, and built furniture. 
2- Paper products. Lots of them- because washing dishes in the bath tub sucks!!!
3- An portable induction stovetop so you can eat semi healthy.
4- I can't believe I am saying this but... a Keurig for warm beverages. Sooo not eco friendly but desperate times baby, desperate times!!
5- Disposable duster cloths because the amount of dust you will have settle over everything is just incredible!!!

Plans for the Ana White tv console.



cindy said...

How did I miss all these funny stories? Thanks to you I just might move before I renovate!

Half Dane said...

I don't know. I feel like I complained ALOT! Ha ha.