Thursday, April 2, 2015

Craft room Tour

Third time is a charm! I have gotten kicked out of 2, yes 2 spare rooms in the last year and somehow I have managed to get suckered into a smaller room each time. This time I ended up in my youngest son's room which had not been repainted or redecorated since he was a toddler. Talk about needing major work! 
My daughter Sam is incredibly good at painting and was willing to come help give this space a little face lift. I am picky about who I recruit to help me paint but this girl rocks it with a roller and brush. And, she doesn't even tape off the ceiling when she cuts in. Hired!!
 After the hubby and I were done patching all the nicks, dents, and dings in the walls we were literally looking at hundreds of patches. We joyfully (lie, lie, lie) went to work sanding. Ohhhhh, I won't even get started on the mounds of wet paper he had flung up on to the ceiling. The boy had partied hard and his room had the battle wounds to prove it.
 We painted walls, ceiling, closet, doors, and trim. What a difference a couple of coats of paint make! I could not believe it was the same room. 
 Linen, white, and pink is my favorite color combination. It's soft, feminine, and very relaxing. It's the same color palette I have in my master bedroom and bath. I wanted to keep the space as clutter free as possible and the walls free of supplies. It's important to me when working in a small space to know that everything is tucked away in it's assigned place. No craft supplies hanging on the walls to distract from the simplicity of the decor in the room. What others might consider boring I consider completely necessary to be able to think and function. 
Walking past the room one would think it was just an office and not a multi functional craft/design space. I wanted glass accents in my new room. Everything from the chandelier to the desk drawer pull  helped me accomplish the soft, feminine look I was going for. I love my new room and I guess when all is said and done (almost 4 months later) I am really glad I got kicked out of the other rooms. 
I had a really great farmhouse table and bench that I used for my craft table but had to downsize when I switched rooms. I needed something smaller but big enough to accommodate my largest cutting mat. I ordered this desk from Amazon for $134.00. It's solid parawood, it's nice and heavy and it has a cute little drawer. It's the perfect fit. I know we are going to be very happy together! It came unfinished so I primed it and painted it with a satin latex paint. I also had a piece of glass made for the top so I wouldn't damage the finish from heavy use. 
I searched high and low for the perfect chair for my desk- it was NOT an easy search. I needed something comfortable that had arms low enough for the chair to slide under the desk drawer with ease. Color was super important to me as I wanted to keep the chair within my color palette. I found this one at World Market for $99.00. The blanket helps tie the chair in with the desk but also offers warmth during the cold Utah winters. The lumbar pillow was covered in pink and white Quarter foil fabric. 
Cute little drawer with glass pull. 
I bought the wall medallions at Amazon. They come ready to paint and are easy to hang. I added a piece of jute onto the back with some hot glue and hung them on straight pins. I may end up spray painting some of them pink but for now I am content to have them all white. The whole lot of them only cost about $85.00.
I found this acrylic lamp at Lowe's and fell in love with it. It's the perfect size for my smaller desk. I chose a linen lamp shade that compliments the brushed nickel and clear base. 
Another Ikea find holds my pens, scissors, rotary cutters and other various tools I use on a daily basis. 
This bookshelf is from Ikea and fits perfectly in the room. It is not very deep or wide but holds a good amount of craft supplies. I love that it is solid wood and that the paint was easy to match when finishing my desk. 
  I chose sheers to dress up the window. They allow a good amount of light into the room. The tie backs are literally held to the metal frame of the window with magnets. There are some great magnetic tie back tutorials on Pinterest. The tie back itself is linen ribbon. So easy!
 A framed linen pin board with photos of my best creations. My children!  
 Odds and ends that I want to keep track of also decorate the pin board. 
 I love Riley Blake Designs. I used their fabrics on my book projects. 
 My mother in law found this adorable pig that holds jute. 
 I love these thread holders. A small one for bobbins... 
 A large one for spools.
I'm kind of in love with baker's twine. I use it for everything from cards to gift and treat bags. I found the sugar dispensers at TJ Maxx for $1.99 each. They are perfect for storing twine. I found the idea on Pinterest!!
I love to use wicker baskets for fabrics. Tags are a must so I remember where I have stored what. 
Wood boxes are a great way to store stackers for paper crafting. 

And rubber stamp sets. 
Books on a bookshelf. Imagine. I like having them handy for quick reference.
My late friend Dani (left) and I. She taught me so many things about crafting. I wouldn't know what I know without her guidance and willingness to teach me. 
Everything has it's place. Cardboard boxes form Ikea store zippers, bias tape and glitter. 
 I like using cardboard file holders for my 8.5x11" card stock and for my acrylic stamps. 
 It was so hard to downsize to a smaller closet. I had to really get creative and store my ribbon collection under my bookshelf. I was lucky enough to find these organizers at Walmart. They fit perfectly under the shelf.
 I paid around $7.00 each for the organizers.  I found them in the housewares section. 
 Wrapping paper stored in an Ikea plastic bag holder and tucked between the bookshelf and wall. 
 I keep a good assortment of markers on hand for the kid's art projects. The metal buckets are from where else? Ikea! 
I love making tags for gift and treat bags. Paper hole punches in hearts, stars, and flowers are perfect for all of my paper crafting projects.
 I put a folding table in my closet to hold all of my plastic containers. Its cramped but it's organized. I tried to downsize my supplies when I moved but I literally could not imagine what I could live without. 
Ink pads are hard to organize and take up a lot of room. I tried for months to figure out a cute way to store them and finally relented and went the practical route. The tower is four sided and stores 60 ink pads plus a whole lot of refill bottles. 
The ink pad tower doesn't have a place for the matching markers though. That would have been a nice feature. I opted for an older sewing storage container that fits in one of my plastic organizers in my closet. Not ideal but it works.
Same sewing storage container but smaller houses my flat backs for paper crafts. These little sheets of pearls and gems are slippery little buggers and hard to figure out how to store. I have found that this works well.
 Keeping my sewing machine covered keeps the dust off. Making a cover is a cinch and you don't even need a pattern. 
  Because I am limited for space my sewing station is a sofa table I bought unfinished from Amazon. I added a couple of coats of stain and some satin poly. It doesn't leave me a whole bunch of room but works well with the space. The chairs were purchased second hand for a whopping $5.00 each. I stripped them down (that was fun!)and refinished them to match the sofa table. The chair pads are from Ikea.
 If you have never seen this Ikea cart I have one question. "Where have you been"? It is such a versatile cart, and has dropped significantly in price prompting me to buy two! This little beauty holds all of my paper punches (over 60) and has these really sturdy wheels that make the cart easy to moved around on carpet. 
 Punches fit so nicely in the cart. This was the perfect solution to my "lack of space" dilemma when I lost my large closet. 
 I love my cute little Maileg princess mouse. Adorable, yes? 
 Cutting mats slide easily behind my bookshelf for storage. 
The best way I found to organize my fabric is by using trouser hangers. Each hanger can store 5 pieces of fabric. These fabrics are the ones I am using for the projects in my craft book. Having them so easily accessible during the project design stage was invaluable. 
Labeling each hanger helps me keep the fabric organized according to designer. Riley Blake, Maywood Studios and Robert Kaufman were the primary fabrics I used for my book projects. 

I feel so lucky to have my own craft room. It really is my own little sanctuary. I love how light and warm it is and could spend hours a day in there. This time- I am soooo not moving!

As a side note: My son (Wild Mancub) who gave up his room is now keeping his new room spotless. I am happy to report that it is, in fact, the cleanest room in the house. I guess the change was good for everyone. 

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