Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Allure Aromatics- The best essential oil diffuser!

Meet my new best friend! 

This is my new favorite essential oil diffuser made by Allure. I have several other diffusers I have collected a long the way but this one is by far my favorite. It has several timer settings (30, 60, 80 and 120 minutes), has 2 different brightness settings for the light and the light can also be shut completely off. Every time I get a new diffuser I hold my breath in anticipation while I wait to see if it actually works! I have had some real stinkers.  I do love my Zaq diffuser but it doesn't have the timer feature which is a must for me when using a diffuser in my bedroom. I want it on long enough to lull me to sleep but don't want it running all night long.

The Allure diffuser is available here:

 I diffuse lavender in my room at bedtime and my daughter diffuses Roman Chamomile. The lavender works like a charm for me but she prefers the Chamomile. 

I love knowing that the products we use to hep us sleep are natural, gentle and non habit forming. Especially when it comes to my kids. 


John Carter said...

My friend mentioned to me your blog, so I thought I’d read it for myself. Very interesting insights, will be back for more! aromatherapy diffuser reviews

Melissa @ WellnessAppliances.com said...

I have this diffuser on my night stand and use it every night. Sometimes with the light and other times without. I find this to be very helpful in getting a good nights rest, using it with Lavender essential oil.

Half Dane said...

Melissa- Mine is still going strong. Lavender works great for my daughter as well as a little vetiver on the foot. I prefer chamomile. Thanks for stopping by!

jessica roy said...

Hey..buddy..I really appreciate your work..
I have a few humidifiers and this is one of the most attractive diffusers I own. I've been looking for a lightweight smaller diffuser and am so glad I bought this one. I like the way it subtly sits out of sight and doesn't take up much space but when it's being used, it does an outstanding job!!!keep up the good work!!!
Thanks for posting....

Half Dane said...

Jessica- it's been a really good one for me. Thanks for stopping by.