Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Scandinavian Christmas Decor

Decorating is such a big part of our family's holiday season- it always has been. Dad was quite the Christmas decorator growing up. He made sure everything in the house looked spectacular! We had a mix of Scandinavian decor and traditional American decor. I don't know how he did it but somehow he did- and it worked.

 I have some vintage Scandinavian decor, which I will always cherish, but I am really loving the look of the modern Scandinavian too. My Norwegian friend Sue has the most amazing store (The Secret Haven) in an old rock loft here in Utah. Each Christmas she orders from a Danish company called Maileg. Cute little Danish elves, wooden pigs, and ornaments are some of the fun things she carries in her store. Yesterday I dropped in to say hi and came home with some nisse to add to my collection. 
 The hands are magnetized this year. So cool!!
 These flameless candles have a remote so I never have to
 pull them from the lanterns. 
 Lanterns are a great way to add some soft lighting. 
 The knitted stocking garland was made by my mom. She's the best! 
  Picked up two of these lovely Swedish candle holders this year. 
 Some of the nisse have bendable arms and legs. 
 Some of the nisse have hangers
 Wooden "God Jul" letters are fast and easy to paint. 
 Maileg nisse couple.
 A simple tree tucked into an Ikea pail.
 Ikea is such a great place to get Christmas supplies. These pillow
 covers were available in red or grey.
This year I added the white washed wooden church. 
Wooden pig ornaments, also from Maileg. 

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