Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Scandinavian Knitted Stocking

Have I mentioned I have the best mom in the whole world? I saw these cute little stockings on Pinterest and just knew I had to have some. But how? I don't knit! (Note to self- learn to knit) This is where having a super talented mom comes in handy! She taught herself how to knit when she was young and has shared her handmade creations with so many people over the years. Even though she has arthritis now and it is hard to knit for extended periods she somehow manages to produce baby sweaters for her great grand babies and adorable little stockings like these ones- for me! See, I told you I have the best mom in the world. Love you mom!
Cotton stockings in traditional Danish red and white will be so perfect for my Scandinavian Christmas tree.
I can't stand it- think that tree will be going up this week! 

What a great lady to make her pattern available for free. It can be found here:

Buttons from my friends at Hillcreek Designs were used to secure the hangers onto the stockings.

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