Friday, November 14, 2014

Coloring Quilt

There is something so sweet about a baby girl. I loved raising my daughters. They were so much fun! Amanda and Miss Avery Mae left for Korea this morning. Sniff, sniff. What is this grandma going to do with herself now? It has been so much fun to have her here! We shopped, we sang songs, we read stories, we cuddled. It was fabulous!  It seems like just yesterday I was doing all of those fun things with Amanda- yet it has been 27 years.

I really struggled with the thought of being a grandma. I am much too young! But now that I am, it is so amazing! Now I know what all the hoopla is about, what my sisters(seasoned grandmas) have been talking about. I will miss Amanda and Avery but will get to see them again in January. 

 This is a quilt I designed shortly after the birth of my last baby girl. She's the cutest redhead ever! It was colored using plain old Crayola crayons. There is something very therapeutic about coloring. Even as an adult. 
This pattern (#95 Little Girls Can Be) is a 12 block quilt and is still available.


Cricket said...

How were you able to use crayons? Don't they come off if you wash it? I love this cute quilt! What a wonderful gift!

Half Dane said...

The images are heat set with an iron after you color them. Totally machine washable.

Anonymous said...

Remind me never to compare your art work with mine, lol. I still have and use the Christmas ornaments you sent me what like 20 years ago? You should take a pic of those. They are still my favorite ornaments.

Half Dane said...

Funny! I still have all of the ornaments as well.And I still like them too. Some day I hope to have a bigger house so I can get up the other tree.