Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Antique Window Makeover

I have wanted an antique window for a while now and my daughter was getting rid of one. Lucky me! I wanted to strip it down and chalk paint it and knew I was in for some work, but oh my goodness! This was quite a project. 

It took me two days to get the window stripped, sanded, and ready to paint. It was off white and I wanted it white, so I went to work armed with some Citristrip, rubber gloves, a stripping tool and 10 pounds of paper towels! It is WAY too cold to strip wood in the garage so I knew I needed a safer alternative to traditional stripper if I wanted to do this little project indoors. 

I have to say that I am impressed with the Citristrip. It went to work immediately on the paint. I would estimate the window to be about 100 years old. I think about 10 coats of paint baked in the sun over the years made it hard to remove when I got closer to the bare bones. 

 Chalk paint is easy to make (I have a recipe here on my blog) and dries pretty quickly. When I first started stripping the window I was so excited about how easy the top layers were to get off. I found myself saying "Ooooh, what can I strip now"? But by the end of the stripping I just wanted it finished!! 

I do love the window and have decided it was worth the effort after all. 

Some things I learned:
 Citristrip will damage solid surface counter tops. Protection is required! 
It will eat through disposable rubber gloves fairly quickly.
Even though it is a safer product windows need to be opened for ventilation. 
 Citristrip after about 10 minutes.
 See how it is already starting to go to work?
 About 20 minutes later.
 Ready to start stripping down a hundred years worth of paint.
After several applications. Silly me- I thought painter's tape was going to 
keep all of the junk off of the glass. 
 Down to the bare bones- ahhhh- sweet relief! 

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