Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sofa table stained with General Finish Gel Stain

I can't believe this table is finally done! I didn't think I would ever get it finished. Nearly a month after painting the legs and it is FINALLY in my kitchen. No project has ever taken me so long. I had some difficulty getting the top stained just how I wanted it. I bought the same brand of stain I always use and got the color just how I wanted it and when I attempted to wipe on my poly it lifted the stain right off of the wood! I have never had this happen before and was perplexed as to how this could be. But, I am so glad it did! After I got the wood sanded down to the bare bones I ran and picked up a container of General Finishes gel stain. I chose Candlelight to match my dining table and got a great match. This stain is super thick. The consistency is like frosting from the grocery store. I wiped it on liberally with a sponge brush making sure I completely covered the entire table top then immediately wiped it off using Viva paper towels. Viva are more like cloth than paper so they worked perfectly! I couldn't believe my eyes after I got the stain wiped off of the wood. It was already beautiful! It was deep and rich and looked like I had done several coats of stain. I let it dry over night then applied another coat in the same manner. After another 24 hours of dry time I was ready to add a top coat. My favorite top coat is Minwax Wipe On Poly in the Satin. I made sure my top was free of dust particles then used a soft cloth to wipe the poly on. It is best to pour the poly into a container so you can dip your cloth in it. I let that dry overnight and then added another coat in the morning. Now- my poly raised my wood grain, quite a bit in spots, so I took a piece of cardboard box and used it as super fine sand paper, and lightly sanded where I could feel the grain. Worked like a charm. I then wiped it down to remove the sanding dust and added one more coat of poly then let it dry for 24 hours before bringing it into my house. I put the chalk paint legs on this morning and sat back for my Ahhhhhhh moment. It came! I love this piece. By the sweat of my brow I tell ya- I love this piece. If you haven't had a chance to try General Finishes Gel Stain you really don't know what you are missing. Try it- you'll like it. Maybe even LOVE it!!
 General Finishes Gel Stain- My new favorite! I shall never go back!
 One coat of gel stain on.
 Isn't it purdy! Now what can I stain??
I love the contrast of the white legs and the dark stain.

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