Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween is Spooktacular!

I adore Halloween! I have always loved it. I remember the awesome plastic costumes with those cute little masks that came in a box. We didn't have a lot of money growing up so most of the time we had to scrounge around the house for something that would make do. I do remember being adorned in one of those cute sets on occasion though. My mom had cardboard cutouts that she would tape in the windows that were ghosts, witches and black cats. I loved them! They would fade from the sun but I think we would use them year after year anyway. When I had kids of my own those plastic costumes were still available. One year I bought one for each of my two girls and they loved them! One was Gumby and one was Scrooge Mcduck. I never really saw them in the stores after that. I love vintage seasonal decorations now. As I get older I really seem to long for yesteryear. Life seemed so much simpler then. I am so excited that the vintage Halloween decorations are plentiful these last few years. I have been able to find some really fun stuff. I know it is barely October but I have had my Halloween stuff up for over a week. The hubbs thinks it is way too soon but not me! Being a stay at home mummy (sorry, I couldn't resist)  means I get to really relax and enjoy the season. And I still have a couple of little monsters left at home who love the holiday as well. For me Halloween is a time to revisit my childhood. It transports me back to a time when we were able to wear our costumes to school, all day long, and parade through the classes. To enjoy the crisp Autumn air and feel the crunch of the maple leaves under our feet as we walked home from school. To a time where we would go pick apples at the local orchard as a family.  Life was grand! I hope I have passed a love for Halloween on to my children and that they look back at it with fond memories when they are grown as well.
 Vintage plate I found this year. Somehow it matches the snowglobe and the sign.  
 This snow globe is so fun! It winds on the bottom and plays "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead".
 I made these candlesticks out of table legs from the home improvement store, and round plaques I picked up at the craft store. A little bit of wood glue and some paint was all it took. I love the orange tinsel wrapped around the candles.
 I saw this witch at a very expensive shop one year and had to have her. This old broad was a pricey one so I took my chances that I could find her somewhere a little bit cheaper. And I did!!
 My favorite decorations are the vintage reproductions that are becoming more available.
 Although this is not vintage I do love it. The hat boxes were made using paper mache round boxes that I covered with scrap book paper. I printed the labels off of a website for free. A quick google search will yield a lot of different sites that offer them.
One of my favorite Halloween pieces is this skull. I found it a couple of years ago but haven't seen one since. The eyes light up and flash different colors. So cool!! Books from thrift stores are cheap and more and more stores are carrying black candelabras at Halloween. You can also buy any old one and spray paint it black. The bottle is an old wine bottle (I begged from a restaurant) with some jute and gauze fabric wrapped around it. Another free label and this bottle ends up costing pennies to make. That's my kind of craft!

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