Monday, November 19, 2012

Danish Christmas Crafts!

                                                        Scandinavian Christmas garland

This cute little mouse came from a 
 book called "Scandinavian Crafts".
 Vintage Danish Nisse elves my cousin's lovely wife
 brought me from Denmark this summer.
  Scandinavian inspired tree.
I love the red and white. It's lovely!
Danish flag garland I purchased in Solvang this summer.
 I wasn't sure I was going to use it on my tree but I love how it looks.
Danish ornament- also purchased in Solvang.
 I found white too! 

I finally got all of my Danish crafts for my room finished. And just in time! I know it is early but we wanted to have all of our Christmas up before Thanksgiving. And, I finally talked the hubby into hooking up the new computer. Yeah- someone wants to golf tomorrow! Ha ha!! Now I can blog my little heart out AND add pictures. It was so much fun to make these Danish inspired decorations. I made Danish coronets, crocheted hearts, a garland, some stockings, and some kissing balls (not exactly Danish, but red and white- so yay!!). I loved making the garland. I got the pattern for the heart, Dala horse, and mitten off of the Internet and the rest came out of a couple of Danish craft books I have. I have a few more things I want to add so I am heading to Ikea this week. I need marzipan and glogg too. Oh how I love this time of year! Glædelig jul!


cindy said...

All your Danish ornaments turned out adorable. My personal favorite is the mouse, so cute, but where's the pig? The garland is so cute, much better than the one from Maelig.

Health junkie in training! said...

Lol, thanks Cindy! It was super fun to make everything! I can't wait to do some more for christmas 2013!