Friday, October 26, 2012


Halloween? Christmas? I am so confused! Yesterday we got some great snow here in Utah. A week before Halloween is not too early for us to get some. I spent the day making Danish Nisse dolls and watching Christmas movies. It was great!! I made some yummy Pumpkin bars with an oat crust as a treat for my hubby. He really likes pumpkin pie but I didn't have time to make any. These are a good alternative. If my hundred year old laptop was allowing me to upload photos I would post the recipe. Hopefully this weekend we will have our new computer up and running. I am so excited to be able to post photos of the Nisse elves I have been making for my kids for Christmas. It has been a huge labor of love but it has saved me hundreds of dollars. Did I mention I love my new craft room?  It is a good place to spend my free time. I have somehow been able to balance everything this week and have practiced guitar almost every day, kept my house clean and been able to work on crafts. This almost never happens. I love it as I don't feel guilty at then end of the day when I have neglected everything else. 5 more days until Halloween. Yay!!

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