Thursday, September 6, 2012

Itchin to bewitchin!

I know that it is just barely September but I am itchin to bewitchin! I wanted to do some towels to give as gifts this Fall and decided to use some Osnaburg fabric, scraps of Halloween print and some of my Cricut cartridges to make a stencil. I love how they turned out. I also tried doing one with Citrasolv (okay I did 2 but I messed one up- transfer to Osnaburg BEFORE spending the time making a towel) but I think I prefer the boldness of the painted images. I cut out my images on my Cricut using vinyl and threw away the actual image. I used the outline to create a stencil. I stuck that onto my Osnaburg and used black acrylic paint with a little bit of fabric extender in it. I used a sponge brush and dabbed it on. So simple! And really inexpensive. I think the funnest part was being able to do this project in my new craft room. I think I may be in love with my new room. I will save that for another post.

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