Sunday, August 5, 2012

Christmas kissing balls

 I am planning on adding a bow before I put these on my tree. The punch comes in a few different sizes. I bought the medium one and found medium sized balls. Small won't work as the pins will be too long and will poke through the opposite side.
I love these kissing balls! I saw some on a website and I just had to borrow! They are so easy to make. I used paper I already had, ordered red corsage pins for a great price on Ebay, had the red ribbon on hand  and found the balls at Michaels for under $5.00. After using a coupon they ended up being around $3.00 for a package of 6. I found the punch at my local Benion Crafts store and used a coupon on it as well. They are also available at Amazon. I will include the link. I am going to put these on my Master bedroom Danish themed tree this Christmas. I think I am going to decorate it exclusively with handmade ornaments. I am going to try making Danish coronet ornaments next.  I am having so much fun with the crafts right now!!


The balls I found have a hole in the center of one side. I use this hole to hot glue my ribbon hanger into. Cut enough flowers to fill a sandwich bag as you are going to use 2 flowers per pin. I start pinning in the center where the line is and pin all the way around the center until I have covered the line. Then I continue on underneath that row until I reach the bottom. Then I start the row above the center line and work the rows up until I have covered the entire ball. How easy is that? Way!

Ek Success daisy paper punch- medium

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