Friday, August 3, 2012

Scandinavian crocheted hearts- so fun to make!

I am having so much fun making Christmas ornaments! I know it is only August but if you are a crafter you know that you have to start early. I grew up in a home with a Danish father and every year at Christmas we would get several large packages full of the most delicious treats from his family in Denmark. Anthonberg marzipan, nougat, black licorice, chocolate frogs, etc. And there was always homemade crafted items in the packages. My favorite was the red, crocheted hearts that we would hang on the tree every year. I loved, but never fully appreciated, my Danish heritage until I grew up. Now that most of my dad's family has passed away I am really feeling the need to cling to the traditions he brought over from Denmark with him. Those Danes sure know how to party! They start on Christmas Eve and go until the new year. Traditionally they eat roasted pork or duck with gravy, glazed new potatoes, red cabbage (yuck!), sweet pickled cucumbers and the most delicious rice pudding flavored with sherry. There is a whole almond hidden in one dish of pudding and whoever is lucky enough to get it is given a marzipan pig. YUM!! Candles are lit on REAL Christmas trees. My dad tells stories of dancing around the Christmas tree singing carols when he was little. Our favorite Christmas story is "The Little Matchgirl" by Hans Christian Anderson. I read it every year to my kids. We never get tired of it. Is it Christmas yet? Lol!!

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